Accounting provides information that helps people in business increase their chances of making decisions that will benefit their companies. Accounting is the language of business. It is the process of recording, classifying, and summarizing economic events through certain documents or financial statements.

Like any other language, it has its own terms and rules. To understand how to interpret and use the information accounting provides, you must first understand this language. Understanding the basic concepts of accounting is essential to success in business.

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Dr. Wayne A. Label, CPA, MBA, PhD, was born and raised in San Francisco. He completed his undergraduate work in accounting at the University of California, Berkeley and then went to the University of California, Los Angeles where he received his MBA and a PhD in accounting. He is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Texas.

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Learn Accounting Online


This website (www. learnacctgonline. com) provides a self-paced course for the non-accountant to learn accounting.

It references the number 1 selling accounting book: Accounting for Non-Accountants as well as the companion book, "The Study Guide for Accounting for Non-Accountnats.

Both the course and the books are designed for the small business owner that never wants to become an accountant, but wants to be familiar with the language of business--accounting.

Both are also written with the Non-Accountant in mind, and walk the user through the basics of accounting. The Idea of the class is to aid the small business owner around the traps of failure, like employee/vendor fraud and cash flow shortages.

There is always a direct link to "Dr. L" as the students have called him over the year to answer your questions.

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I will be starting up a blog to share ideas and advice about running small businesses with you all. I hope it is useful to you all. Feel free to share your experiences as well and ask me any questions you may have!
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The Generally Accepted Accounting Standards are written for all companies big and small. But small companies (like your's if you are reading this blog) have completely different reporting needs and information for the owner's than do Ford or GE. The accounting
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Although my accounting experience is very short, I found the book was a very good tool for the United States and other countries. Since it has its own website I can ask you questions as well. Thank you for making this information available and easy to understand for a non-accountant. I run a service and maintenance business. When I started the business I did not know where to post transactions, read financial statements, or come up with a budget. Once I bought your book, I have been able to understand these accounting concepts more and apply them to my day-to-day business activities.