Our company was founded to provide various levels of Financial Management services to small and medium sized companies in order to save companies time and costs associated with hiring and managing a full-time Financial Manager or Accounting Department. Business owners find that there is substantial cost savings compared to hiring accounting staff or setting up an in-house bookkeeper.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Multi-State Payroll Processing
  • Certified Payroll
  • Online Financial Access 24 Hours A Day
  • Always Available to Assist Clients

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce
  • QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Contact Details

  City Vancouver, WA
  Zip Code 98686
  Address 7101 NE 109th St. Suite 200
  Phone Number (360) 851-1106
  Fax (360) 891-3742

Promotions & Discounts

1st Month Free on Standard Contract Amount w/ Signed 1 Year Contract

Sign a 1 year contract with us and we will provide your 1st month of standard service with us for FREE. The standard service is set up at time of signing agreed upon by customer, financial setups are not included in the standard service if needed.

Customer Testimonials

I am so happy I found Financial Connections, LLC to handle my bookkeeping.  Renea and Wendy are proactive, responsive and dependable. They take care of my accounting so that I can focus on running my business.

Katherine Radeka
President, Whittier Consulting Group, Inc.

After being referred to Financial Connections by our new CPA to get our books cleaned up which were in a terrible mess from our prior bookkeepers and year end accounting firm, I realized I needed to do something so I went ahead and gave Financial Connections a call.

After meeting Wendy and Renea I not only decided to start utilizing their service for our clean up needs but also decided to terminate our bookkeeper and payroll/accounting firm. At that time I started utilizing Financial Connections for all our accounting needs.

Making such a decision has proved to be in our favor. Financial Connections stepped in and reconstructed our accounts and records, cleaned up our books and started doing all our bookkeeping and payroll.

In addition to the above they continue to provide an excellent service on a monthly basis, not only for our company, but also for my personal investments. They have gone out of their way to help find ways to save us money by researching and receiving quotes from vendors and programs which we had not only thought of but would not have the time to do. This has made it possible for us to concentrate on what we do best, acquiring jobs and providing the highest quality service in the market. I travel frequently and have left them in charge of all our bookkeeping and also taking care of some items I usually handle, always to return to find that they have applied their services in an efficient and professional manner.

They have a gift to relate professionally and personably with others, which works wonders when they have to make our dreaded AR calls to our clients.

The best part of working with Wendy and Renea is that we actually get much more than we pay for because they take such a personal interest in our business. It is as if they were part of our family and they want to help us bring success to our business. They even check our home mail when we are out of town and weekly go to our PO Box and Bank to deposit any checks that may come in from our clients.

I highly recommend Financial Connections to anyone who is in need of great accounting services whom they can trust for their thoroughness and integrity. To me, they are more than my accounting resource, they are my business partner!

As the co-owner of a soon to be opened new restaurant, I was seriously considering doing our own payroll processing. As we prepared to open and I realized the many tasks ahead of me, I began to understand the benefits of having an outside service. In considering which payroll company to utilize, one of the deciding factors for choosing Financial Connections was the benefit of using another local, family owned business. Financial Connections was able to set me up quickly and was very helpful to a brand new company. They explained the process thoroughly and described in detail their time saving services, and offered their expertise and experience at a competitive price. Financial Connections has been very accessible, often responding to my needs instantly via email or phone, and they are always both friendly and helpful. I would strongly recommend experiencing Financial Connections personalized services to meet your business needs!

Holly Martinez
Owner, Encanto Restaurant

To Whom it May Concern:

Power Products & Services Inc retained Financial Connections to assist in our firms bookkeeping and accounting activities.

Financial Connections combines personal and responsive service along with an impressive Remote Computer access to our firms QuickBooks Account. The QuickBooks account is accessible through any Internet connections, which is extremely helpful and allows me to work on bookkeeping issues when traveling away from the office. The necessary computer security protocol is in place to ensure there will be no hacking into their system database.

In short, Renea and Wendy have been a pleasure to work with. In particular, I am impressed with their responsiveness to questions (almost immediate) and patience in teaching me how to work within the QB system.

Best Regards,
Tom Hamilton
President, Power Products & Services Inc.

Wendy and Renea continually express their expertise, which allows us to focus our attention on the end products of our business. They have always been available on short notice to fulfill a request, which is greatly appreciated during periods of high volume. Wendy has an excellent ability to organize and multi-task, and Renea has extensive knowledge of the State and Federal tax systems. We get peace of mind from knowing that both our books and our taxes are handled properly and efficiently with Financial Connections, LLC. We highly recommend them as an addition to your financial team.

Doug &Kristan
Elite Concrete Services, Inc.

We used to spend hours on our payroll and payroll reporting to the State and Federal government even though we never had more than 2 employees at any given time, not knowing for sure if it was completely accurate. As a small business owner, that kind of time and uncertainty will make your head spin!

Financial Connections alleviated us of our worries and time spent on payroll and tax compliance, all we have to do is e-mail, telephone or fax in the employee hours each week and Financial Connections takes care of everything else.

Financial Connections is diligent about keeping us abreast of any new developments in tax laws, payroll practices or software that could simplify our internal record keeping. It's so nice to be able to call your payroll company whether it's for something minor or not and know that it will be taken care of immediately and done correctly.

I highly recommend Financial Connections to anyone who is searching for an efficient and committed payroll company that will meet all of your payroll needs from beginning to end and offer the personalized service any Small Business owner would appreciate.

Lisa Hoffman
Owner, NW Laundromat

It has been a pleasure this past year doing business with Financial connections. They have proven to be a very successful business decision for us. The value and quality of service we have received has far superseded our expectations we are delighted with their continual outstanding customer service. While maintaining a professional working relationship they have managed to make me feel very comfortable coming to them for the smallest to the largest of our business needs. Having had virtually no prior bookkeeping experience, it was with much fear and trepidation we entered this business venture, I have so appreciated all the training and patience they have given me while learning over this past year, they have boosted my confidence and made learning something new an actual pleasure.

Another factor that was hugely important to me was accessibility, they are always available and quick to respond to whatever the issue may be, that is extremely important in small business. I would welcome any phone calls regarding the great experience we have had this past year, it has truly been a wonderful working relationship, one I would highly recommend to anyone in need of professional bookkeeping or on-line accounting solutions.

Sincerely,Cindy Schmitt

From Our Website

Financial Connections specializes in helping small businesses stay up to date on tax law changes. We've helped many businesses get their tax bills under control, call us today to see how we can help you. For almost 10 years Financial Connections has helped small businesses all over Portland & Vancouver succeed in controlling their costs and stay in compliance with state and federal laws. Is payroll production and accounting have you working overtime? Simplify your payroll with Financial Connections payroll services.

QuickBookshas been designed for businesses and individuals with little to no experience in accounting. The initial set-up and installation of Quickbooks must be done correctly for accurate future information. The information required to correctly configure manual accounting records is also critical to set-up Quickbooks. This set-up can be even more complicated if a business owner or individual decides to switch to Quickbooks mid-year. If you don't know the answers to the above questions, it will probably be in your best interest to contact a Quickbooks Pro-Advisor to guide you through the correct set-up of this software.

Financial Connections provides customers with clear, accurate financial information customized for your organization. Our commitment is to process all financial information and produce reports by a designated monthly date agreed upon by you. However, we go one step further. We help you look at this financial information as it relates to your individual organization. Before the end of the month your Account Manager or Financial Connections can meet with you to review the information, point out key elements, and address any questions you may have about the numbers.

Payroll and payroll taxes can be one of the largest expenses a business owner can have. Financial Connections offers business owners' personalized, responsive payroll services providing owners with a piece of mind that their taxes and employees are being paid timely and accurately. We stay current on constantly changing payroll tax laws and rulings that the federal, state and local agencies impose. Financial Connections advantage over other small business payroll companies is that we are not only here when you need a last minute paycheck created but we can also put your complete payroll directly into your financial accounting software so there is no need to re-do in your software the entries for payroll that we have already completed for you, saving you time and money and frustration of the accuracy of the entries.

Financial Connections LLC has the expert accountants and professional bookkeepers who understand the complexities of Washington State and Federal tax regulations. We translate what it all means to you and your business with our tax service in Vancouver WA. Understanding taxes could be one of the most challenging things a business owner can face. Accounting itself can be quite a drain on your company's resources. At Financial Connections, we work full time to keep up with these changes. Our employees stay abreast of the latest changes and amendments to tax provisions.