How we're viewed in the media. Controllers, Etc. has been operating since 1995. The owner, Susan Culbertson, CPA, is a Past National Director and Regional Vice-president of the Institute of Management Accountants, the leading professional organization devoted exclusively to management accounting and financial management specialists.

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  City Roanoke, VA
  Zip Code 24015
  Address 1706 Westover Avn SW
  Phone Number (540) 344-4538

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We seamlessly cover vacancies stemming from extended illness, maternity leave, terminations, and resignations. When Controllers, Etc. is used to cover a professional staffing disruption, customers and owners feel no negative impact. Our experienced personnel keep your short-handed accounting department running at full speed, because you just can't be without your accountant. Through our fast, efficient, and holistic practices, our Forensic Accounting services help both attorneys and business owners.

In preparation of an upcoming external audit, we engaged Ms. Culbertson to help attest to amounts within a balance sheet of a recent acquisition. We found Ms. Culbertson's approach to be holistic in nature which resulted in not only obtaining an attestation of account balances, but solutions/recommendations that helped fix/address 'root-cause' people issues, paper flow problems and overall physical structure challenges. Her work was detailed and to point; and throughout the entire engagement, her counsel was and will continue to be valued.

With Forensic Accounting, our accountants will turn your box of receipts and statements, into a thoroughly examined business financial report addressing major concerns, cash flow, and other pertinent business information. Forensic Accounting is ideal for attorneys who are left with chaotic financials that need to be court-ready. For businesses, this is an ideal service for those who have in-house staff leave and financials are left with no discernible system. Susan provided excellent quality, and possessed professionalism and efficiency in her work.