We provide business owners guidance in all of the following: Business Valuations, Business Plans, Operational growth strategies, Working Capital, Cash Flow Management, Accounts Receivable Financing, Equipment Loans, Commercial Debt management, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Merger and Acquisition Financing, International Letters of Credit and other related accounting and financing services.

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  Person Sam Thacker
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Sam Thacker


Sam Thacker has over 20 years of banking and finance experience. He is intimately familiar with the many facets of risk management and cash flow management for growing businesses. Sam is also a proficient business writer for national blogs and Business Journals, and a featured business adviser on AllBusiness.com, a D&B Company where he writes a column on topics of interest to business owners. Sam has written over 500 business articles and columns in his career. Sam is an active Toastmaster and speaks at many forums like the Texas Entrepreneurs Network, the University of Texas business incubator programs, Texas State University Small Business Development Center, for national business conferences across the country. Please visit his LinkedIn profile for more information: www.linkedin.com/in/smbfinance

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With many decades of combined banking and management experience, the team of professionals at Business Finance Solutions focuses on finding the right kind of financing for your business. We have a reputation of using multiple types of assets of a client company to provide short-term and long-term financing.

We believe in educating our clients as we work through their specific financing challenges, because fast growing businesses have one major thing in common They have to adjust their financing mix every few years as they outgrow their current method of financing. After a successful financing for a client we find they may come back in a year or two for additional help with new growth or new opportunities. We don't want to make you financing experts, but we do want you to understand why we are recommending a particular type of financing for a specific purpose.